Cashmere Hardwood

Like finely crafted wood furniture, the natural beauty of Cashmere Hardwood Shutters will add richness and warmth to your home. These shutters have a superb lustrous finish, superior structural integrity and excellent durability. Available in popular shades of white and rich lacquer stains.



Product Description

Cashmere Hardwood Shutters



Superior Hardwood.Firmer than most hardwoods and has reduced moisture content for greater durability.
Superb Paint and Lacquer Finishes.Custom crafted with state of the art technology ensures a long-lasting, lustrous UV protected finish.
Three louver sizes.Available in 2 1/2", 3 1/2" and 4 1/2" louver sizes to
optimize the view out of your window.
Available with Standard Frames or No Frames.Can be fitted to almost any window opening.
Price inclusive of 4 Standard FramesPrices inclusive of Z Frames, Tilt in L Frame, L Frame and Buildout-hanging strip.
The exclusive Enduralink™ connectors are used to attach the
louvers to the tilt bar.
No staples are required.
Enduralink™ connectors provide outstanding strength allowing the louvers to
close tightly in both directions and eliminating callbacks due to breakage.
Option of Tilt Bar PlacementsTilt bar can be placed in front or behind shutter: centered or to the sides.
Computerized positioning of the louvers permits variable
equidistant placement of the louvers.
With computerized positioning of the louvers, varying height shutters in the
same room will have the same uniform appearance which is very aesthetically
appealing to the eye. Same size rails also can be used on all shutters, with
the divider rail placed within 3/4” of the desired position.
Energy Efficient. Envirogreen™Helps reduce heating and air conditioning costs and reduces outside noise.
Surca™ Locking System.The Surca™ Locking System is standard on Cashmere™ Hardwood Shutters. This
adjustable locking mechanism eliminates the need for magnets and saves
time on installation. The self-leveling feature ensures that the panels remain
level while closed. The rust proof spring enables the Surca™ Locking System
to be used in high humidity and salty environments.
EnviroGreen™ .Environmentally friendly shutters that meet regulations regarding formaldehyde and VOC emissions. Summerview™ Shutters are 100% recyclable, not adding to our waste management issues.
Low maintenance and easy to clean.Dusting and cleaning with any wood friendly product that does not contain ammonia enhances the finish.
Designed with Child Safety Features.Cashmere™ Hardwood Shutters contain no cords which could be harmful to a child. Standard three (3) leaf hinge recommended for child and pet safety.
Lifetime Limited Warranty.We believe our product will be a permanent part of your collection for years to come. A simple promise that is backed by our 25 years of team innovative experience in the marketplace.

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